I’ve been having chronic wrist pain and the cream has been providing relief, especially after tough workouts. It’s really the only think I’ve used it on so far, but it works great and way more effective than downing Advil daily!


– Scott Cain

The Higher Peaks Relief Cream is amazing! I am an athlete that takes great pride in having optimal health. I had a sports mobility issue recently and I decided to try a natural way to get some relief from a sports injury. My entire upper back and shoulders up to my neck were so tight and twisted that even the needles where popping out of my back while doing acupuncture. All my muscles where out of place and causing some ribs to be out of alignment as well. This was extremely uncomfortable for me for many weeks…. I tried everything you can imagine and had great people working on me but nothing was working. Then I tried the Higher Peaks Relief Cream …. I was skeptical at first as I had tried one other brand before and it did not do much. When I put on the Higher peaks I tried a little on my neck first ( the toughest part to relax)….. let that sink in and immediately after 10 min my neck was melting back into place….. then I massage on my upper back and got the same feeling….. my muscles relaxed so much I was able to get in and really massage those muscles back in to place…, I used this several times per day and within a week I was back to normal. I would highly recommend this product and I think works amazing when massage into the body!


– Laura Briger

Higher Peaks relief cream helps to ease my soreness after a hard workout for a quicker recovery.”


– Bill Moody, Power Lifting Champion

Higher Peaks is GREAT! Works fast, with sustained pain relief. Love the medium smooth, non-oily, absorbs quickly – a wonderful product! You have a winner!!!

– Charles Kearney, IL

I use Higher Peaks Pain Relief cream every night on my arthritic knee. Now I need to get more of your product because it helps so much with relieving the pain, and makes it possible for me to sleep. I wasn’t a believer in topical creams before this, but I am very impressed and a believer now!


– Jean B.


I was skeptical at first. I have arthritis and my hand knuckle joints are very painful. After my first application, I was amazed at how much this cream relieved my pain. I also have severe itching and burning in my hands and your cream has really helped clearing up the itching. I will indeed be a steady customer! Thanks for such a miraculous product. Can you make it in a bigger bottle?

– B. Halfpenny


I’m becoming a believer.  I slept all night.  And my leg didn’t hurt this morning. I’ll need a month supply if that’s possible.

– Bill


I have struggled for years with pain in my hip and shoulder.  I am past trying to take medication to protect my liver and I do not want to get reliant on opiates for pain relief.  After many years, I started to think this will just be my new normal ‘living with pain.’  Your cream is a miracle. I can get through the day with less pain than I have in years. As you instruct, it is important to apply often. Thank you for clarifying that.  I notice a huge difference when I don’t use the cream regularly. It must feel pretty good to make a cream that helps.

– Jean Myers


I came down with a very painful case of shingles. Pain drugs weren’t an option for me because they impaired my ability to drive. Higher Peaks Pain Relief Cream was perfect for me. I got through the worst of the shingles and was able to sleep for at least 4 to 6 hours without pain. It was a lifesaver for me. Thank you!

– Barbara S. 

I strained my back in Pilates class today. Higher Peaks CBD pain relief cream is a miracle drug. My family is using it on everything!! And you’re right about the neuropathy. Thank you for introducing us to it!!


– Jennifer Kennedy

So many pain relief creams have poisonous or superfluous additives, I am comforted by the fact that Higher Peaks does not. A side benefit of the cream not just reducing, but eliminating my arthritis pain, was that it greatly reduced the anxiety and bleak feelings of depression I have. I am impressed and grateful for this product.


– Ki Ma Ma

I can officially say that whatever you have in there works on my muscle issues! My shoulder feels like I never had a problem. I love your stuff!!

– James Aleks

I have been using the CBD Relief Cream after skiing.  It really helps with my knee pain.  It works fast and it really is pretty amazing how quickly the stiffness and soreness goes away. I have used it right after skiing or exercising and also before going to bed.  It feels better in the night and also seems to be better in the morning as well. I would definitely recommend the Higher Peaks Relief Cream for muscle soreness.  It’s much better for the body than taking Advil or other pain relievers. Thanks for a great product.

– John Wells

I bowl every Monday night, after about 5-6 games my shoulder is sore and my elbow locks up.  I use a little bit of your cream on my shoulder and I can continue playing all night.  When I wake up sore, I apply your cream and I am loosened up in 10 minutes.  I love your cream.  Some of the other bowlers are starting to use it as well.  Thank you for saving my game!


– David D.

I was in a severe car accident over 25 years ago. Head injury, several broken bones and numerous surgeries. I have pain every day but have learned to live with it because I don’t like pills. I started using your cream on my neck and back, my pain went from an 8 to a 2. I am still aware of the pain but nowhere near what I was living with. I was told to apply at least 4 times a day which made the difference. Your cream is a God send.

– Dan C.

I have multiple distal fractures in my big toe and so I whipped out your CBD cream and it seems to be the best remedy. I just thought you should know that I am a happy customer!!

– Caitlin Brennan

I use the cream for lower back pain but more importantly I rub it on my jaw for my TMJ. No insurance will cover TMJ but this cream has made an amazing difference!

– Nancy L.

I use this cream on my lower back, and on my temples for headaches. It will take care of my pain very quickly. I have my parents, both siblings, and my grandfather using it for joint pain, and they love it. It’s amazing when you can turn your family onto something natural and effective.

– Erin M.

I have been using higher peaks for about 4 months now, first for a constant burning sensation in my foot after nerve surgery 3 years ago and then for a recent knee injury. I was skeptical at first but then after only one use on my foot the constant burning stopped. Now I only use it on my foot about once every two weeks. I have been using it on my knee for about 3 weeks now and I could not believe how the inflammation and pain in my knee subsided.  I recommend this product 100%, it has made a difference for me.

– Janet R.

I just ordered more oil and cream!!!  Working miraculously for my dad’s feet– he has gout and loss of circulation. He has been in the hospital since Saturday and he feels so good with the massages plus the cream! I just wanted to let you know it is working wonders! His lungs have taken a turn for the worst but he is in great and hopeful spirits.

– Laura Briger

Our Promise to You

At Higher Peaks we only use the highest quality CBD products, hand-crafted in small batches to provide you all the best benefits that CBD has to offer. Whether it is our pain cream relieving some inflammation or our facial serum defending against premature aging. Our promise is to always MAKE YOUR DAY BETTER!

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