Tom Foley




I have started, grown and sold many businesses across many different industries, most of them early stage, all having unique technologies resulting in revolutionary solutions and others that could be classified just as ‘better mousetraps’.


My reason for becoming involved with Higher Peaks is because our products contain features of all my past endeavors; unique ingredients yielding amazing results (see our testimonials) with revolutionary formulations never found in other pain relief creams. We are people that have a passion for helping those who suffer from neuropathic and inflammatory illnesses that result in pain.


I’m excited to lead this team of professionals in extolling the virtues of the miraculous ingredients of CBD and bringing relief to the masses. Look out…here we come.

Our Promise to You

At Higher Peaks we only use the highest quality CBD products, hand-crafted in small batches to provide you all the best benefits that CBD has to offer. Whether it is our pain cream relieving some inflammation or our facial serum defending against premature aging. Our promise is to always MAKE YOUR DAY BETTER!

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