Engineered for Professional Athletes and Active Lifestyles

Professional athletes can suffer from chronic pain stemming from general muscle fatigue to more serious conditions like rhythmic cardiovascular issues. Active, healthy lifestyles are always paired with cramps and temporary discomfort providing roadblocks for consistency. Finding highly-capable solutions for pain management, inflammation, and muscle recovery is a top priority for anyone pursuing this lifestyle.

Over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications, like ibuprofen and acetaminophen, introduce chemicals to your body that aren’t natural and can cause long-term health conditions. These over-the-counter pharmaceuticals can’t be taken with certain medications and alcohol without causing liver damage while also delivering their own set of negative side effects. The human anatomy also builds a tolerance to these pharmaceuticals, requiring users to take higher, more frequent dosages in order to achieve temporary relief.

CBD is the best alternative to these over-the-counter and prescription pain medications due to how it safely interacts with our biology. Topical CBD treatments provide instantaneous pain and inflammation relief, delivering a concentrated, natural approach directly to problem areas. Not only is CBD easy to use, but it is highly effective because it sends signals to the Endocannabinoid System to optimize homeostasis. CBD interacts with our body’s receptors in order to remedy the root cause of pain and inflammation rather than mask the symptoms. Why not take the natural approach that’s built into our human biology?

Meticulously curated, professionally tested

From managing pain to maintaining healthy skin, Higher Peaks brings the healing benefits of high-quality hemp blends to better people’s lives. Our founder Amy Lanterman puts her heart and soul into the research and craft of each product on the Higher Peaks line, and we’re so excited to bring them to you. Our products range from a relief body lotion to a relaxing massage oil. There’s something healing and soothing for everyone. Please take a look at our products and let us know what you think.


Our products are made with

Quality Research

Quality Research

Thoughtful research goes into each formulation with ingredients that are synergistically effective and bring results to our customers. 

Pure Ingredients

Pure Ingredients

Committed to providing safe, natural alternatives that improve people’s lives, our products are crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality and consistency.    

Compassion for You

Compassion for You

Because our customers are seeking solutions for pain management, improving their skin and natural ways to reduce stress, we continuously discover new and better naturally superior products for our customers.  

CBD can change your life.


Higher Peaks topical products are infused with full-spectrum hemp CBD, the CBD binds with the CB2 receptors found throughout the body. Topical CBD is absorbed through the skin for localized relief of pain, muscle soreness, tension and inflammation. The wide spectrum of other benefits includes, psoriasis, dermatitis and itching.

Our Promise to You

At Higher Peaks we only use the highest quality CBD products, hand-crafted in small batches to provide you all the best benefits that CBD has to offer. Whether it is our pain cream relieving some inflammation or our facial serum defending against premature aging. Our promise is to always MAKE YOUR DAY BETTER!

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